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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
89501 Peasants in the Tavern Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst Peasants in the Tavern first half of 17th century Medium oil on oak panel cyf
72250 procuress Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst procuress Date c. 1636/1638 Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 90 x 119 cm cyf
95477 Sleeping Nymph and Shepherd Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst Sleeping Nymph and Shepherd between 1645(1645) and 1650(1650) Medium oil on canvas cyf
71147 The procuress.. Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst The procuress.. c. 1636/1638 Oil on canvas 90 x 119 cm

Jan Gerritsz. van Bronckhorst
(1603-1661) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and engraver. He is considered today to be a minor member of the Utrecht Caravaggisti group. According to Houbraken, van Bronckhorst apprenticed as an eleven-year-old with the glass engraver Verburgh in Utrecht. He worked with him for 6 months and worked with two other Utrecht glassworkers before embarking on a Grand Tour in 1620. He did not get far before he was offered work in Arras by the glassworker Peeter Matthys. After six months, he continued on to Paris in 1620, where he worked with the glassworker Chamu. He returned to Utrecht in 1622, where Cornelis Poelenburg taught him to paint. He married Catalijntje van Noort in 1626. He frequented the studio of Gerard van Honthorst. In 1647 he moved to Amsterdam where he created the stained glass windows and the organ doors (almost the only area in a Calvinist church where figurative painting was sometimes allowed) of the Nieuwe Kerk (finished in 1655). He has been described as the last of the great stained glass painters in Holland.. Unlike his work for churches, his secular paintings show the influence of Caravaggio, and also show a striking appeal to sensuality. Among his pupils are counted his sons Jan Jansz and Gerrit Jansz, and Cesar van Everdingen.
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