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8 January 1836 – 25 June 1912. Most renowned painters.

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80380 Mexico visto desde el Arsobisbado de Tacubaya Carl Nebel Mexico visto desde el Arsobisbado de Tacubaya 66x48.2 cm. Date 1829 - 1834 cyf
80472 Vista general de Guanajuato Carl Nebel Vista general de Guanajuato 66x48.9 cm. Date 1829 - 1834 cyf

Carl Nebel
Carl/Carlos Nebel (March 18, 1805 - June 4, 1855) was a German engineer, architect and draughtsman, best known for his detailed paintings of the Mexican landscape and people and of the battles of the Mexican-American War. Nebel was born at Altona, today a part of Hamburg. After studies in Hamburg and Paris, he travelled to America, where he was a resident of Mexico from 1829 until 1834. In 1836, he published in Paris his renowned illustrated work on that country-Voyage pittoresque et archeologique dans la partie la plus interessante du Mexique, with 50 lithographs made from his paintings, twenty of which were hand-colorized, and an introduction written by Alexander Humboldt.
Alma Tadema
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