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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
66091 Guirnalda Bartolome Perez Guirnalda 1675-80 Guirnalda de flores con San Francisco de Borja, Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado, 95 x 73 cm.
95704 Guirnalda de flores con San Francisco de Borja Bartolome Perez Guirnalda de flores con San Francisco de Borja 1675-80 Dimensions 95 x 73 cm cyf
97152 Madonna Bartolome Perez Madonna circa 1670(1670) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 166 X 115 cm cyf
76088 Vase of Flowers Bartolome Perez Vase of Flowers . 1690 Medium Oil on panel Dimensions 55 ?? 42 cm (21.7 ?? 16.5 in) cyf
74539 Vase of Flowers. Bartolome Perez Vase of Flowers. c. 1690 Oil on panel 55 X 42 cm (21.65 X 16.54 in) cjr

Bartolome Perez
(1634-1693) was a Spanish painter of the Baroque period. Born in Madrid, he became the son-in-law and pupil of the painter Juan de Arellano. Known as a painter of flowers and still life, known as bodegones. He also painted scenography for performances at the theater of Buen Retiro, for which he was named painter of the King without salary in January of 1689. He died after falling from a scaffold used to paint the ceiling of the palace of Monteleon, and was buried in the church of San Ildefonso.
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